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Six days to NaNo! Anyone planning on getting this community back up and running?

P.S. Hi, everyone, I'm Keely, I'm studying screenwriting at USC, and this year I'm writing a literary adventure NaNovel. :D

Month Long Writing Marathon

It's June 1st - the kickoff to this community's writing marathon!

The challenge is  similar to NaNoWriMo, but you can choose your word count and go at your own pace. Each Wednesday, I'll create a post where we can share our goals for the week, writing highs and lows, brainstorm, and more. If you'd like to update us any other day of the week, just make a post!

That said - we're officially in Week One! Good luck!

Eoin Colfer on Crime Fiction, Children Books, and Writing What He Likes

I sat down with Eoin Colfer (right) last week, to interview him about his new novel, PLUGGED. The result reads a lot like this:

“I started writing stories before I could actually write,” says Eoin Colfer. “Which sounds strange, but I would scribble on a blackboard, these nonsensical lines, and in my mind I was writing a story, I knew what the story was about.”

  The adult Eoin Colfer is just as happy to let his imagination run riot. A phenomenal best-seller with his young adult Artemis Fowl novels, he turned last year to sci-fi, when he penned the latest instalment in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This year it’s adult crime fiction. PLUGGED is a comedy caper featuring an ex-Irish Army man, Danny McEvoy, deranged by baldness and set loose on the unsuspecting suburbs of New Jersey. 

  Writers are advised to write about what they know, but Colfer presents himself in the Fitzwilliam Hotel with a full thatch of greying hair and a neatly trimmed beard, looking not unlike Al Pacino’s younger brother. The quietly spoken one, who doesn’t need to shout and beat his chest, who has nothing left to prove. 

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I thought this interview was really interesting especially since the idea of "writers must be a brand" has been rattling in my head for the last few days. Would you take on a penname if you were writing in a different genre to avoid the stimatization Colfer talks about? Would you (or do you) write in a certain genre because it's more marketable?


- Does anyone know how to make an avatar/icon? I'd like one that has "ONTDWrites" on it for the community

 - Would anyone be interested in a writing marathon for the month of June or two weeks in June? Similar to NaNoWriMo, but you can choose your word count and we can have daily/weekly/whatever posts to keep on track. 

Hello all

 This isn't much of an intro. I just wanted to say hi. I write fan fiction but I aspire to write my own novel one day. The problem is, I'm so discouraged. I want to write Paranormal Romance/Erotica. I DON'T want it to be YA but YA Paranormal Romance seems to be the only thing selling now a days. This makes me thing that anything I write won't even get looked at. It's so discouraging. 


hi there! i'm rachel, but you can call me whatever you want. i don't really care :>

i've been writing since i was 11, but i've only gotten serious about it in the past six months or so. i have the terrible habit of never finishing anything. . .but i have hopes for the story i'm working on right now, which has gotten incredibly long (for me, anyways; >18,000 words) and is starting to worry me a little >_>

i'll read and write almost any genre, but i'm especially fond of cyberpunky sort of things like the sprawl trilogy by william gibson and snow crash by neil stephenson.

i have an irritating tendency to abuse semicolons and ellipses. . .hopefully that won't get on your nerves too much.

so, what's up with you all? i'm having a pretty good day, except my feet have gone a rather perturbing shade of purple.
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Hello Everyone!

The name is Sam and I've been writing for practically my entire life. (Well, since I could, really.) Mostly I write YA Contemporary, but the novel that I'm working on now is kind of urban fantasy-ish. I've written 3 novels, only two of which are any good, and only one of which I'm currently in the midst of trying to get published. It's called THE SHAPE THAT BREAKS and it's kind of funny because the plot has paralleled my life a little bit since I started writing it when I was 15--girl's first love breaks up with her and she is crushed, then she learns life is full of that and falls in love again, blah blah blah. There's currently an agent looking at the full manuscript, so we'll see how she likes it! If not, I'll keep querying.

How's everyone doing today, writing-wise? 

An Intro


I've been writing on and off since the third grade...mainly off since high school and college, but I'm getting back into the swing of things now. I like stories filled with adventure and humor. I love all kinds of fantasy - high fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, etc, though I'm a little burnt out on paranormal and urban fantasy. My reading diet as of late seems to consist of science fiction and contemporary life slice novels, but I read all over the place.

My current writing project is a funny (to me at least) contemporary retelling of Macbeth. I'm currently in the planning/plotting stage.


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