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ONTDWrites is a spin off community from Oh No They Didn't. If you know someone from ONTD who writes fiction, let them know about this community!

We are ONTD's fiction writers. The intent of this community is to help members create/finish/publish/discuss original work.


* Be respectful of your fellow members, their chosen genres, and their work. Have discussions, agree (or diasgree) on things...just make sure to keep it civil.

* All posts should somehow pertain to writing, writers, editors, agents, etc - the publishing industry as a whole. If you have experiences or information that might help others, please feel free to share.

* If posting a snippet of you work for critique, please (1) cap your piece at 1,500 words, (2) lock the post to friends-only and (3)utilize the LJ-Cut. Members are expected to post critiques in exchange for recieving critiques on their own work - members, please remember to give the kind of feedback you would like to recieve - in other words, be respectful and constructive.

* Members are allowed to make "Crit Me" posts twice a week so as not to overrun this community with crit posts. Make sure to fill this out and place it before your snippet:

Position: 1st Draft, Revised, Final Piece
Genre: YA Contemporary, Horror, High Fantasy, etc
Rating: G - NC17
Summary: A short blurb about the story/what's happening in this scene and what it is you're looking for in a critique
Disclaimer: NSFW; potential triggers

Questions, comments, etc - Click here (comments are screened).

Other than that - jump right in and make a post!
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